MBA - Operations

MBA - Operations

MBA - Operations

The Amateurs discuss tactics, the Professionals discuss logistics

- Napoleon

Today business has started giving more importance to operations management. Firms want to become lean and efficient throughout the value chain. Further explosion of e-commerce has increased the scope for career opportunities for MBA operations students in the area of supply chain management and logistics management. There are strong parallels between the skills required for effective operations management and those needed in both logistics and supply chain management. Excellent organizational ability is crucial in successfully enhancing efficiency and driving productivity as an operations manager.

One must be able to understand the series of value chain process within a company to get them to flow seamlessly and coordination involved in setting up these processes in practice represents supply chain and logistics respectively. HBS focuses on improving the understanding and the coordination to become successful operations managers. HBS achieves this by:

MBA - Operations

Value Addition

  • Workshops on supply chain and logistics
  • Certification in supply chain and logistics
  • Internship and project work in the operations area

Professional Electives

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