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The All India Council for Technical Education (Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Technical Institutions, Universities including Deemed to be Universities imparting technical education) Regulations 2009, through its notification dated 01-07-2009 has laid out detailed procedures for the prevention and prohibition of ragging in technical institutions, Universities including Deemed to be Universities imparting technical education in an effort to curb the menace of ragging in HEI.

Accordingly, it is imperative that every institution coming under the purview of AICTE must take measures for prevention of ragging at such institutions. Towards this, HBS has constituted an Anti-Ragging Committee as detailed below:

Anti-Ragging Committee

1Dr. SR. RameshkkumarMBAChairperson
2Dr. AL. AlagappanMBAMember
3Dr. S. KanimozhiMBAMember
4Dr. Senthil K NathanMBAMember
5Mrs. KaviyaHostel WardenMember
1U.S. JohnsonII Year MBAStudent Member
2R.RajeswariII Year MBAStudent Member
3B. VasanthaKumarII Year MBAStudent Member
4S. Kaviya DharshiniII Year MBAStudent Member
1NethraI Year MBAStudent Member
2PraveenI Year MBAStudent Member
3RoshikaI Year MBAStudent Member
4RatchaganI Year MBAStudent Member

HBS Anti-Ragging Committee - director@hbs.ac.in


What Constitutes Ragging?

As per AICTE notification cited above, any intention by any student or group of students on one or more of any of the following would constitute ragging:

Handling Issues of Ragging

Functions of Anti-Ragging Committee

Depending upon the nature and gravity of the offence as established, the possible punishments for those found guilty of ragging will be any one or any combination of the following:

Complaints can be registered through:

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