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HBS alumni add vibrancy to the campus with their continual engagement with Alma mater. Frequent interactions, buddy talks, alumni-student mentoring, internship and career opportunities are the notable contributions from alumni to the students. Besides this, alumni are involved in policy making and working committees of the institution. HBS alumni are the proud ambassadors of the institute who support the institution to achieve its vision and mission.

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Sangamam – Alumni Meet

Sangamam is the annual alumni association meet organised every year. The HBS Alumni Association meet serves as a professional and personal networking channel for our alumni, thereby enabling them to stay in touch with each other and the Institute. The key role of the HBS Alumni Association is to provide a platform that will facilitate and enable former students to continually be interested and involved in an institutional building. It also serves as a vehicle that strives for the continual improvement of alumni through the process of networking and sharing opportunities.

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