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Hallmark Business School (HBS) is committed to provide a safe, fair, and harmonious learning and work environment for all its students, teaching, and non-teaching staff members. Particularly, to build self-esteem and dignity among girl students and women faculty members, HBS offers services such as counselling, legal aid, creating awareness regarding women’s rights, prohibiting sexual harassment at the workplace, and arranging programs regarding health, personality development etc.


The committee aims to sensitize and create awareness about gender justice among the academic and non-academic community in the institution. The Committee is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by students or staff about sexual harassment if any happening inside the college premises. The objectives of the ICC are:

  • To prevent sexual harassment at the workplace.
  • To prevent discrimination and sexual harassment against women by promoting gender amity among students and employees
  • To resolve the issues pertaining to sexual harassment
  • To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of grievances
  • To foster healthy relationship with opposite gender
  • To equip students, faculty and staff with the knowledge of their legal rights and avenues available for redressal of their grievances by regularly organizing programs on women empowerment
  • To facilitate speedy delivery of justice, through organizing meetings at regular intervals

Definition of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment means any unwanted conduct with sexual undertones if it occurs or which is persistent and which demeans, humiliates, or creates a hostile or intimidating environment or induces submission by actual or threatened adverse consequences and includes any one or more or all of the following unwelcome acts or behaviour (whether directly or by implication), namely,

Anyone (or more than one) of the following circumstances, if it occurs or is present in relation or connected with any behaviour that has explicit or implicit sexual undertones:

Internal Complaints Committee

1Dr. SR. RameshkkumarMBAChairperson
2Dr. AL. AlagappanMBAMember
3Dr. R. VasudevanMBAMember
4Dr. Senthil K NathanMBAMember
5Dr. S. KanimozhiMBAMember
1Priyadharshini BII Year MBAStudent Member
2Deepshiga RII Year MBAStudent Member
3Sherin Rubisia JII Year MBAStudent Member
4SahithiyaII Year MBAStudent Member
1AarthiI Year MBAStudent Member
2JananiI Year MBAStudent Member
3Janani IshwariyaI Year MBAStudent Member
4KeerthanaI Year MBAStudent Member

ICC Responsibilities

Complaint Filing Procedure

An aggrieved person is required to submit a written complaint to the ICC within one month from the date of incident and in case of series of incidents within a period of one month from the date of last incident. Provided that where such complaint cannot be made in the writing, the Presiding Officer or any member of the ICC shall render all reasonable assistance to the person for making the complaint in writing. Provided further that the ICC, may for the reasons to be accorded in writing, extend the time limit by not exceeding three months, if it is satisfied that the circumstances were such that it would have prevented the person from filing a complaint within the said period. Friends, relatives, colleagues, co-student, psychologist, or any other associate of the victim may file the complaint on account of physical or mental incapacity.

The complaint filing procedure should be updated with online mode google form, offline complaint box and phone numbers.

Enquiry Process

Safety of the Victim

Fearing the safety of the victim, the institute can:

Action Against Frivolous Complaint

To ensure that the provisions of employees and students from sexual harassment do not get misused, provisions against false or malicious complaints is made and publicized by the institution. If the ICC concludes that the allegations made were false, malicious or the complaint was made knowing it to be untrue, or forged or misleading information has been provided during the inquiry, the complainant shall be liable for punishment. However, the inability to substantiate a complaint or provide adequate proof will not attract punishment against the complainant. Malicious intent on the part of the complainant shall not be established without an inquiry, in accordance with the procedure prescribed, conducted before any action is recommended.

Complaints can be registered through an offline suggestion box or by using the following online Google form.

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