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In Today’s world, getting an MBA degree becomes very common, but the employability still stands at 30%. This is because the students don’t study MBA with the proper mindset for it, other words the mentality of the student doing MBA is still stuck in an “Under Graduate” mindset. This is the main reason for not being employable even after completing MBA. In this blog, we shall discuss few basic mindsets one should have to get full knowledge form MBA course.

Before joining the course the students should make sure that “MBA ” provides the students with adequate skills to be transferred into the industry, and it is the student’s responsibility to get the most out of it. Students who get the most out of the course will have a lucrative and bright career after completing their courses. MBA will give each and every one of its students the best life when approached with the proper mindset.


MBA though being taught in a business school, the most of learning should come from inside out. This is the most common drawback found among the students, even after starting their post-graduation many mugs up which reduces the employability as well as the value for the degree, so before joining one should make up the mind to make research on each and every topic and learn by their own, rather than depending on professors to teach.

Overcome Shyness

In MBA each and every one has to do a lot of presentations and discussions, so being shy or having stage fear make u to rarely express our views. Only when we express our views we can rectify the mistakes we do, and this is the last chance to do and rectify the mistakes because as soon as we finish the course everyone will get into the industry and we cannot do a mistake there as it will cost our work life into trouble. So everyone should take efforts to overcome the stage fear and shyness, in simple terms be an extrovert as we might lose a lot in life as well as MBA because of it.

Entrepreneurial Interest

The life turning point for many people is MBA. YES!!! You heard it right, many people’s life has been changed after the course. Have the interest to open up the own business, it will boost up the interest for the course. When we learn something just for marks we never learn it fully, while learning for ourselves, we tend to learn it with much more deeper interest, and understand each and everything. Have an aim, to run your own business, or becoming the top level managers of any firm, this will mold your mind perfectly for doing the course.

Network developing

Be ready to meet new people, new challenges and new lifestyle before joining MBA as it is the place, where we can develop our network. By network I don’t mean just classmates from different regions alone, also means meeting the top level management of various industry and getting in touch with them. This will be very useful once we get into the industry for work.

Change the way of thinking

Be Ready to analyze. Don’t believe whatever is said, in the course, we will have to come across a large number of case studies for discussion so we should analyze each and every case deeply before coming to final judgement, and lack this mindset will let us lose the employability.

In a developing country like India, a lot of organizations need the support of well-trained, skilled and highly qualified business administrator or managers in various industries. This is the reason the MBA students can easily get a good job after they complete their course and obtain the certificate. So approach the course with the proper mindset and in turn, it will give you the best life can imagine.

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