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The schoolings for 14 + years and then undergraduate degree for 3+ years and MBA is just 20 months but this 20+ months thought me(us) to handle and deal with life more than any other period. Let me share few of the important lessons that MBA thought me(us).

Get to Know lots of People

Studying an MBA from a Business school gives a great opportunity to meet people from the different area with different Language and different culture. For most of us, the school and undergraduate degree would be from our nearby school and colleges while our MBA would mostly be from a top B.School or University, because of this we tend to meet and get know many people from different categories. This combination of different people helps us to learn the ways to socialize with people. This may seem to be just a normal one, but once I entered into the industry this helped me a lot to have a smooth relationship with all of my colleagues.

Recover Quickly from Setbacks

The most important lesson that I learnt from MBA is that setbacks are common for all and we should never allow the setbacks to make us sit back for a long time. It is during this period that most of the people feel or come across major setbacks of their life, which hit emotionally at the core, but this course isn’t too long (just 20 months) and we cannot waste time with the setbacks as it will directly affect our performance. We may even miss out some of the best parts of the course, so you should, however hard the setback is, come out of it within few days. This is one main lesson I have learnt from MBA, which helps me handle stress and peer pressure in the working environment. This helped me in having a positive atmosphere in the working environment and personal life which keeps me happy and enthusiastic all the way.

the life lessons from MBA

The Self Realization

Many a time some of our characters will be seen obviously by everyone one else than us, this may be from the simple body odour even up to many big things that will hurt us. This is the most challenging life lesson that I learnt from MBA. This part might turn out to be both positive as well as negative for the people and for me it turns out to be a huge positive which made me realize my potentials. I used to be a very shy person so I never came up on stage to exhibit my ideas, but in MBA I was forced to explain my ideas regularly by my classmates, at first I hesitated but after a while, I realized that I have a unique thought process. I really thank my MBA  and classmates for making me realize myself and my strength. It may sometime turn out to be negative too as our negatives are noted twice as much as our positives. I understood that even for simple mistakes/ good deeds we do, there are a huge group people to gossip behind us while very few tell us those mistakes directly at our face so that we can rectify. The main lesson is “we are always watched”

Marks Doesn’t Matter

When the world kept running behind scoring high marks a post-graduation teaches each and every one of us that marks/ grades don’t matter unless we have enough knowledge to support it at the back. Yes !! Mark matters but just pass or fail is what matters, getting mark without enough knowledge is a waste of time. I realized it during my campus interview time, the paper in which I was topper (by literally mugging up) didn’t help me to clear the interview, while on the other hand the paper in which I was average but had strong knowledge helped me to get my dream job at the place. This lesson made me realize how dumb I was by believing that people who score high marks are knowledgeable and marks/ grades literally don’t have any connection with each other.

Getting Things Done @ The Right Time

Getting things done is important but most important thing is, doing those things at right time. For instance, if an assignment is due tomorrow we have to complete it by tomorrow, just because we have a great idea, we cannot postpone the submission. Yes!!! We have to do the best work for our assignment but that should be done in the time specified. This might seem a simple and not such important thing but once we get into the industry it matters a lot. I used to do late submission of assignments during my MBA, but once I got into the industry I realized its value. Though I give out one of the best ideas for the organization development, because of not submitting the reports on time, my professional life was in a very big trouble, at that time I realized the meaning of the words from my staffs

” doing right things at right time matters more than doing great things delayed”,

then it took me a hard time to change that attitude.

So, friends, these are the 5 important lessons for life I learnt from MBA, can you relate it to you?

Tell us what are the lessons you have learned/learning from MBA?


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