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MBA or Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate degree that is pursued by students interested in business management. Today, however, almost every student in our country wants to do an MBA without knowing all the facts about the course. This is mainly because there are many myths spreading about the course in society.

The myths are spreading partly because of the fault of advertising about the course and partly because of the fault of media for falsely glorifying the course. MBA myths are hard to squash for there are lakhs of websites colleges and coaching centres to harvest the MBA dream in the minds of every college student. These MYTHS created a mindset that MBA is a one-way ticket to the land of money, happiness and career satisfaction.

No doubt, MBA is a course that is very helpful for one’s career but does everyone in the course understand its true value???. In this article, we have busted some misconceptions (myths) about MBA and shed light on the truth behind those misconceptions.

MBA is only about HR/Marketing/Finance:

Ask any undergraduate student about their choice in post graduation most of the answer will be MBA, ask them what is their choice of specialization, their answer will be either HR/Marketing/Finance. There is a misconception prevailing that MBA consists of only these 3 specializations, but there are “N” number of specialization in MBA that will provide the heights to great success paths. So before joining analyze all the specializations available and make a choice.

MBA from any institute will help me get a good job:

The answer to this myth is big “NO”. MBA will help only when it is persuaded by the reputed institutes like our Hallmark Business School. Graduating from a top business school plays a vital role in career path direction. For example take 2 students, where one studies in a normal college, while other from a reputed B-School like Hallmark Business School. The student who studies in a normal college will have recruitment approaching from a normal company, while for the other the top company will be approaching for the recruitment, so the institute plays a vital role in guiding for a career path.

Myth Buster _the MBA version

My job was done when I entered college:

I came across many people who study day and night for the entrance exam, but once they entered into a reputed college their focus on studies got diverted from studies and when questioned their reply was “I got into this college so my future is set, why should I study”. This is the most common myth among the MBA aspirants, but this is totally wrong, just a reputed college can’t guide on enhancing the career path, it is our efforts that will enhance the career path.

Good institutes only prefer candidates with considerable work experience:

The next Myth is good institutes preferring only students with work experience, the answer is NO. Yes!!! Experience is an added baggage but that doesn’t mean the fresher won’t get the seat in a good institution. There are entrance exams conducts, like CAT, MAT, TANCET… etc so whoever it may be they will have to clear the test in order to get placed in a reputed institute.

Successful Entrepreneur:

Many people think that just an MBA is enough to be an entrepreneur, but an MBA is Master Of Business Administration, not a ticket to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a special attitude, for which the MBA is just a part of the fuel, not the key to the door.

We have busted 5 Myths. Know more interesting Myths??? Comment below

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