Internship: key for Metamorphosis from Alumni to Professional

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An internship is a stepping stone to the corporate world or to your interest world. It has a learning phase for the person(Intern).

During an internship, the intern observes business of the company and daily tasks. Additional to this could acquire skills and experience. Not only experience, it also improves other skills like teamwork, communication, leadership, problem solving and motivation.

“The expert in anything was once a beginner”


When it is for the internship of CEO, exposure and expectation of eligible candidate are high. Few of the global internship programs provided by the university are Columbia global centres –global CEO internship program. for more details click here.

One of the best CEO internship program provided by “Adecco group”, one month CEO internship program. In the month of March, a Bangalore based startup selected an student as “Intern CEO”  for one month. The intern can travel, meet and learn from the company’s management executives. For more details visit Adecco group’s site:

Some of the Internship benefits are:

A practical work background carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market. It’s all about competition. Fresh alumni lack the experience to get a job, an internship provides the work experience.

Network with top management:

Meet the people of top management and develop the network from other managerial executives.Introduce yourself, make the first move to demonstrate your self-confidence.

Present your ideas to the organisation, with the permission from the board. Maintain eye contact and smile when appropriate. If your ideas are criticised listen politely. If the conversation is not continuing, smile and exit sleekly.

Perspective from the top:

The eagle view of the corporate system, through the experienced staffs of each department

The organization has various departments like Administration, Accounting functions, Marketing and advertising, Production and inventory. Interact with each department heads and monitor functional structure.

Opportunity to travel:

Travel for the business meet or conferences, interact with the external executive director. Traveling for business would make to meet new people, able to build the network so that it expands across the nation.

Business travel could provide the ideas for future destinations and improvements in the business process.

Guidance and career boost:

Entry ticket from College to Corporate world would gain baggage to your resume, it would enhance your profile. Professional environment, expand your eager to know about the business and maximize your learning skill. It would increase the overall market value.

Employers keen to hire an experienced person, compared to fresh alumni.

Strong communication skills:

Learn the art of public speaking, office jargons and interact with the Industry professionals. Participation in the internal meetings and represent the company’s meeting.

A public speaker should look confident, friendly, enthusiastic and energetic and also consider the following points body language, eye contact and humour would make your conversation more interesting.

Knowing the facts:

An internship provides the opportunity to connect with various departments in the corporate, knowing the facts about each department to make the decision for the process on regular basis.

An organization has a hierarchical arrangement in each department, undertake a wide variety of activities by managerial executives, delegating organizational tasks among the various department. Business department, figure out the ways of integrating and coordinating tasks in the organization.

After the internship programme, you know about the organization functional structure, network building, strong communication skills, opportunity to travel and would gain weight to your resume.

“What we have LEARN TO DO, we learn BY DOING” – Aristotle

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