How Much Does Studying at a B-School Cost in Trichy?

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Are you an MBA aspirant and your dream is to put the letters MBA after your name? Want to become a remarkably effective business leader or an entrepreneur?

India is the country that houses several well-renowned MBA colleges. MBA colleges in India have increased to 4500+ in number. Hence getting an MBA degree is not as tough as earlier. Obtaining the Master of Business Administration degree from a well-reputed college is a prestigious thing.

Why Choose MBA?

MBA is not just a degree. It is an interdisciplinary drawing from the fields of psychology, sociology, accounting and finance. The MBA has a high level of focus on producing future managers. The activities and interaction with people will turn and grow their traits.

Generally, MBA programmes are a good guarantee of providing a high employability rate for their graduates. Recruiters come from all industries – technology, consumer durables, energy, banking, automobile etc., MBA graduates are bound to increase work opportunities not just in their core, but in any fields or sectors.

Why Study in Trichy?

Trichy is the 4th largest urban agglomeration in the state with high-quality education and administration. It ranked 12 in the most liveable cities in the world, ranking the best in Tamil Nadu. Trichy is a peaceful, secured and meant for the low cost of living place when compared to any other city of Tamil Nadu. Located at the centre of Tamil Nadu, Trichy is well connected by road, rail & air. It is one of the very few cities where you can get pure water from the river Cauvery. Trichy brings about excellent learning ambience for the students and aspirants all over the country. As for higher education, you have great colleges here. Since there is better availability of water, ease of commuting, and the cost of living is low, education also comes at an affordable cost.

Why Choose Hallmark Business School?

B-Schools will make you extremely confident and able to influence people. Hallmark Business School expose students to all the areas of business that includes accounting, finance, marketing and human resources. Faculties and guest lectures at Hallmark have a long and rich experience where you can benefit immensely and pave your path towards a challenging and successful career. Your learning will be highly practical under a professional provision which generates innovative ideas and decision-making skills will improve.

Tuition Fee: Tuition fees are often the biggest financial concern students have to deal with especially when they prefer B-School over a regular MBA College. It is said and believed that studying at B-Schools are very expensive and it is not affordable by all. While most of the MBA colleges or B Schools in Tamil Nadu cost anywhere between INR 4 to 20 lakhs, Hallmark Business School comes with an affordable package for the course. However, compared to other popular B-Schools in Tamil Nadu, the cost is lower.

Campus Life: Hallmark Business School has an amazing campus and life at HBS inspires students to become leaders with character and competence, invokes confidence and independence. It also has a Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) which gives greater focus on entrepreneurship development, enabling students with the entrepreneurial spirit to start their own businesses. Explore more about Life at HBS.

Class Rooms & Hostel: All the classrooms at HBS are fully air-conditioned and equipped with audio-visual aids for enhanced learning. Also, the classroom has Wi-Fi internet connectivity which enables the students to attend video conferencing and to stay updated with the business and stock markets. Separate hostel accommodation for girls and boys is available on dual occupancy basis. The Hostel also comes with fully furnished rooms and has 24 x 7 wi-fi connectivity, TV Rooms and a gym.

Explore more about the library and lab facilities at HBS.

Placement: Hallmark Business School holds a very good placement record. It has a dedicated Centre for Career Development, which acts as a catalyst in transforming the students to match the expectations of the industry. Check out the best managers HBS gave to various industries in 2019, 2018, 2017.

Salary: MBA develops the leadership capabilities of the students while leveraging their strengths. Job opportunities after graduation from a management college in India are not limited to one field or sector. The average annual salary of an MBA graduate is INR 3 lakhs. The B-Schools in India fall under the Tier I and Tier II category offers an average annual salary of INR 5 to 10 lakhs. At Hallmark Business School, the average annual salary is 4 lakhs and the highest annual package is 7.13 lakhs.

How to apply for an MBA course at Hallmark Business School?

Hallmark Business School prepare students for Senior Management roles in business. You can apply online by filling the online application available at the Hallmark Business School website. You can also download the brochure and check for the eligibility criteria and seat availability for Government Quota & Management Quota. Applying online is free of cost and soon you will be contacted by one of our admission counsellors to assist you further. Find out more about applying to an MBA course online.

The total intake of students at Hallmark Business School is restricted to 120.

Check the available courses and see which of those match your background and interests. Hallmark Business School offers MBA Program with dual specialization & sectoral specialization.

Dual Specialization:

  1. Marketing
  2. Finance
  3. Human Resource
  4. Systems
  5. Operations

Sectoral Specialization:

1. Logistics & Supply Chain Management

2. Infrastructure & Real Estate Management

You can check out the MBA course details and various programs offered at Hallmark Business School, Trichy.

Not just for the salary or the fame you earn, MBA is worth striving for as it creates a new you with all the skills and knowledge required in the challenging job market and of course it is a lifetime experience. We should also think on the other side, how much you are spending to get an MBA degree and how much you can expect to earn later on.

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