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The Finance - Finpro Club is meant for discussing the issues related to Finance in specific & Management in general. Main objective of this club is to bridge the gap between theoretical earning & Practice. The team is co-ordinated by 3 talented and experienced people, who carry an average work experience of 5 years, and work on creating awareness on different domains and career paths within Finance. The Team is run & managed by the students interested in Finance as specialization. Additionally, the club organizes various case competitions and events that further drive the interest of the cohort towards finance and its real-world implications.

Through these initiatives, the Finance Club endeavours to create a connect between students and the outside world, thereby providing students with a holistic experience in finance and ensuring that they are well prepared to handle the nuances of the financial services industry in practical life.


  • To emphasize the importance of finance.
  • To make the students more competitive in terms of both concepts as well as practice.
  • To give a platform to the students to bring out their best and improvise upon their concepts with a better practical understanding.


  • Reading financial statements and interpretation.
  • Undertaking live projects.
  • Conducting group discussion on economic issues.
  • An alysing major economic aspect of country and global impact.
  • To conduct various, inter and intra collegiate competitions on the global as well as domestic issues.
  • Compiling finance related articles.
  • Having interaction with the resource person to hone the concepts.


  • Help to enhance the knowledge and skills.
  • Enhance the presentation skills and familiarize students with financial aspects and interpretation.
  • Practical aspects of accounting and financial management become more clear
  • Selection of topic for in plant becomes easy.
  • Analytical skills are sharpened.
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