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Soft skills training focuses on developing non-technical competencies that enhance workplace success. These skills include effective communication, collaboration, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. Organizations often provide formal programs to help employees improve these essential skills, which contribute to better interactions with colleagues and overall productivity. If you'd like to explore specific soft skills courses, platforms like Coursera offer options from top universities and organizations. Remember, honing soft skills can significantly impact your professional growth

TIME MANAGEMENT & SMART WORK - A Skill Enhancement program - 11/5/2023soft skills-Dr. Ragavendra, BIM, TiruchirapalliA Skill Enhancement program on "PROBLEM SOLVING & CRITICAL THINKING"soft skills-Dr.R.Vasudevan, Associate Professor, Hallmark Business SchooA Skill Enhancement program on "PROFESSIONAL ETTIQUETES"A Skill Enhancement program on "TEAM BUILDING"Mr.T.SARAVANAN, CRASKILLS, COIMBATORE


Language is a system of communication that relies on verbal or non-verbal codes. It serves as a medium for expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions between individuals. Language and communication training sessions are valuable for enhancing interpersonal skills, fostering effective communication, and promoting collaboration. Language allows us to convey complex ideas effectively. Without language, meaningful conversations would be impossible.

TRENDS IN COMMUNICATION Language and communication-Prof.Murugavel,COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Capacity Development Program communication skillsA Skill Enhancement program on "IMAGE CONSULTING & BODY LANGUAGE"Prof K.Aruna, Soft Skill TrainerTHE ART OF WRITING AN EFFECTIVE BUSINESS PROPOSALMr.M.Palpandian, General Manager, KVB


Life skills training programs aim to equip individuals with essential competencies for personal development, well-being, and effective functioning. The life skills training program sessions include wealth creation, yoga and meditation, physical fitness and health & hygiene.

Mindfulness a skill enhancement programMr.PALANISAMY, HEARTFULNESSLIVE HEALTHY & STAY HEALTHYDr. Prasanna Balaji, National CollegeAWARENESS ON WOMEN BUSINESS AVENUESMrs. J. Nithya, TIIC, DindigulA Skill Enhancement program on "AWARENESS ON HEALTH & HYGIENE"A Skill Enhancement program on "WEALTH CREATIONG.Vinoth, Cluster Head, ICICI Pru AMC


The training sessions on awareness of trends in technology provides hands on training in fields of research, analysis, digital marketing, excel skills and recent designing tools. This equips the students with awareness in recent trends in technology for easy and effective work.

Capacity Enhancement Program on "STATISTICAL TOOLS"Prof. R.D. Vasudevan, Hallmark Business School, TrichyCapacity Development Program on "RECENT TRENDS IN DIGITAL MARKETING"Mr. M.SathamHussain, Radio Mirchi, TrichyEXCEL WITH MS-EXCELA.S. Mohamed Imran, Synergy School of Business SkillsCapacity Enhancement Program on "DESIGNING IN CANVA"Mr.T.Saravanan Craskills, Coimbatore
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